Cartographer supports a simple QA process to allow project officers to review and approve survey data submitted by other users.

Whenever a user saves a survey on Cartographer, they assign it a publication status from a small predefined list. The statuses and the typical paths between them are shown below:


Draft and Complete Statuses

Surveyors only have access to two of the five statuses on the flow chart above:

The status is set when the surveyor saves the survey using the Save button at the top right of the page:

CleanShot 2023-10-03 at 17.26.16@2x.png

Approved, Review, and Rejected Statuses

Project and Team Coordinators see a slightly expanded version of the Save modal giving them access to more options for saving the survey:

CleanShot 2023-10-03 at 17.27.41@2x.png

A survey administrator can load another surveyor’s completed surveys, look over it, and use the expanded options in their menu to re-save it with a new status depending on their appraisal:

Unapproving/Unrejecting Surveys

Surveys in the approved/rejected statuses are locked to prevent accidental updates. It is easy for a survey administrator to unlock a survey if it turns out further changes are necessary. The Save button changes to an Unapprove or Unreject button with options as follows:

CleanShot 2023-10-03 at 17.33.32@2x.png

Once the survey has been unapproved (or unrejected) it can be edited, reviewed, and re-approved (or re-rejected) as above.